I Want You

Why hello there.

You have found my secret little world, where stolen glances in dimly lit bars lead to the flurry of a glittery gown floating down plushly carpeted corridors. A soft knock, the turn of a door handle, the heat of two bodies in close proximity of each other. Your hand on my knee reaching further and further…

The door closes shut. Finally we are alone. Just you and I. In the privacy of this here room the only thing on my mind is the pleasure we can create within each other.

Slow and sensual or hot and heavy; your time with me is entirely tailored to your desires. I am your silk laced companion at dinner, at the theatre, at the ballet, nestled amongst a bed of soft billowly pillows. I am fire and ice, naughty and nice all in the same little cookie tin.

My prowess is the construct of a modern day pleasure dome; come and ignite your senses.

“Power passed over her, intensifying her desire for him. She moaned and rotated her hips against him. “What will you do with me now?”