Booking Etiquette

My greatest desire is for you to come away having had the most wonderful time. Therefore, upon initial contact, please indulge me by briefly acquainting your lovely self with me and detailing how you’d like to spend our encounter together.

Bartering a lady for her rates is both bad mannered and disrespectful. If my rates are not suitable to your financial circumstances, there are plenty of other lovely ladies who will be.

Please prepare yourself for our meeting by ensuring you have fresh from the shower and are neat and tidy down below. I am always freshly showered and groomed impeccably.

I have recently reverted all correspondence to my online form or direct email address Please do fill out the form as best you can. Any personal details shared will be handled with the utmost discretion, confidentiality and privacy. The phone number linked to old advertisements and reviews is no longer in use.

If you were to ask my preference, I would almost always opt for an advanced notice date (the lady doth protest too much) so please do try to keep this in mind. Spontaneity is always fun, even for home birds like me, so sometimes I whip my hair back and forth and can be available at the last minute. Only sometimes though 😉

I choose not to show my face for privacy and discretion reasons and also out of respect to the people I love. The world is not a safe place under the stigma and unfavourable personal perspectives of certain sectors of society. Please spare yourself from asking me to send you a picture because no one is safe until proven otherwise (aka stranger danger).

Sometimes reviews can help one ascertain a little more about the service I provide and attest to the nature of my physicality. Please peruse The Erotic Review for these tales of yonder.

Gifts are most definitely not expected or required but they are lovely all the same.
I love Harrods, Wholefoods and beautiful lingerie x